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Anyone who possesses an EU or EEA passport or resides in one of those regions is eligible to register a yacht in France.

Similarly, if a business is incorporated in France and its vessel is mainly used for business or professional purposes, it may apply for French flag registration. The business must also adhere to French government-set requirements for environmental protection and safety. This can include businesses that are based in France, the EU, or the EEA.

Please provide us the below documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Company formation document (If applicable)
  • Bill of sale
  • A detailed description of the vessel (dimensions, material, list of equipment's)
  • A proof of compliance with environmental and safety regulations
  • Evidence of the yacht insurance

It takes roughly 1 month to register the yacht in France.

Yes. The registration document is a formal document with the sign and stamp of the French government that displays the information above in a formal style.

It is valid for the lifetime and never expires.

All paperwork submitted to register a yacht under the French flag must be written in French. If the papers are not in French, a qualified professional translator by the French government must translate them.

The French flag must be flown over the boat.

We accept all international payments.

According to French rules, surveys are not necessary for yachts under 24 meters in length that are not used for commercial purpose. Even so, they will still need to adhere to safety and environmental regulations, and compliance may be checked.

Yes, a jet ski can be registered with the French flag.

Yes, you must present the following documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Bill of sale
  • A certification of compliance to environmental and safety regulations
  • List of equipment's (Including all the details for e.g: manufacturer, model, and serial number)
  • Evidence that the rules of the French marine communication authority were followed.

The procedure normally entails:

  • New Bill of sale
  • Inspection or survey

The following documents are needed:

  • Copy Registration certificate
  • Proof of ownership (Bill of sale)
  • Return the registration document

For various types of vessels in France, the necessary license and requirements are needed:

  • Recreational yachts under 15m, no license required. (The skipper must be familiar with navigational and maritime laws.)
  • The captain of a vessel between 15 and 24 meters in length that is being utilised for business reasons must possess a Coastal Skipper licence.
  • For boats longer than 24 meters, the captain needs to be licenced as a Master of Yachts.

It is possible to register a yacht in France as a commercial vessel, indicating that it will be used for business purposes like chartering or carrying paying customers.

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