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Welcome to France Yacht Registration - Your Gateway to Registering Your Boat in France
Let us Handle Your French Flag Registration Hassle-Free
At France Yacht Registration, we specialize in simplifying the process of registering your boat under the French flag. Our pricing is straightforward, based on your boat's length, making yacht registration in France a breeze. Our experienced team will expertly manage all the necessary paperwork, leaving you stress-free.

Discover Affordable Boat Registration in France
Did you know that registering a boat in France can be cost-effective? France offers competitive registration costs, especially for boats with lower engine horsepower. When you choose France as your boat's registration destination, you'll pay a one-time flat registration fee based on your boat's size, which is notably low. Additionally, there is an annual tax based on your engine's horsepower. While sailboats and catamarans enjoy cost-effective registration, motorboats with larger engines may incur higher costs due to the annual engine horsepower tax.
Ready to get an exact cost breakdown for your boat's registration in France? Simply complete our form with your boat and owner details. If you decide to proceed with registration, we'll manage all the paperwork and filing for a flat fee based on your boat's size. This one-time fee ranges from €129 for boats under 7 meters to €859 for boats between 20 to 24 meters. You'll also be responsible for annual government fees paid directly to the government.

Which Boats Require Yearly Taxes in France?
When registering your vessel in France, annual taxes may apply, depending on the vessel's length and engine size:
  • Boats up to 7 meters or with an engine power of less than 22 administrative horsepower (approximately 200 HP) are exempt from taxes.
  • Boats measuring 7.01 meters or more, or with an engine power exceeding 22 administrative horsepower, may be subject to registration taxes.

Calculating Your Annual Boat Tax in France
Calculating your boat tax in France considers various factors, including vessel usage, length, engine type, and fuel type. These details are used to determine your precise tax amount. Calculating the annual tax for jet skis is more straightforward and is explained below.

Annual Taxes for Jet Skis Registered in France
Jet ski owners need to pay taxes only if their jet ski's engine power exceeds 90 kilowatts. The tax rates are as follows:
  • €3 per kW, starting from the first kW (engines with 91 kW to 159 kW)
  • €4 per kW, starting from the first kW (engines with 160+ kW)

For instance, if your water-scooter has a 185 kW engine, the annual taxes would amount to €740 (185 kW x €4).

Check your taxes here: Click for real time tax calculation

Requirements for Registering Under the French Flag
To register your vessel under the French flag, you must meet specific conditions:
  • At least half of the ship's ownership must belong to European Union or European Economic Area nationals.
  • The vessel's use and operation must be managed and controlled from a permanent establishment located within French territory.
  • The vessel must have been constructed within the European Union, or import taxes must have been paid when importing it into the EU.
  • If your vessel has a crew, at least 35% of them must be European Union or European Economic Area nationals based on the workforce sheet.

Survey Requirements for French Flag Registration
You don't need a survey for boats under 24 meters in length unless you're seeking commercial registration.

Quick and Efficient Registration Process
The registration process typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete.


  • Let us check your documents for free!
    Are you not sure if you have the correct documents to register your boat in France. Please send us your documents by email or Whatsapp and our experts will check it out for you for free!
  • 7 days customer service in most languages
    We have call centers in 3 countries, where you can contact us 7 days a week with staff that speak; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish!
  • Guaranteed provisional registration in 2-4 weeks! (After receiving signed documents)
    We have actual staff in France and do not use intermediaries. We can therefor guarantee to have your provisional registration ready in 2-4 weeks (after receiving signed documents). This provisional registration is fully valid to use your boat.


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What documents do we need?

In order to register your yacht in France, you'll need the following documents:

1) Copy of the bill of sale

2) Copy of your passport or corporate registration documents (if applicable)

3) Detailed description of the vessel's radio equipment, including manufacturer, model, and serial number

4) Certificate of compliance with safety and environmental standards

5) Proof of compliance with French maritime communication authority regulations

30 days
Boat Registration

We can register your vessel and / or arrange your MMSI license.

24 Hours
MMSI License


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